Huobi to Delist 5 Tokens

Huobi, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced that it will delist five tokens from its trading platform. The tokens set to be removed from the exchange are ANC, HIT, PVT, RCCC, and UIP. The delisting is set to take place on February 24th, 2023.


Low Trading Volumes and Viability Concerns

According to the announcement, the decision to delist these tokens was made in response to a number of factors, including low trading volumes, lack of development activity, and concerns over the tokens’ long-term viability.

ANC, which stands for Anoncoin, is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that has been around since 2013. The token has seen little trading activity in recent months, which is likely the main reason for its delisting from the exchange.

HIT, or Hitchain, is a platform for building decentralized applications. Despite its promising concept, HIT has failed to gain significant traction in the market, and Huobi has decided to remove it from its platform.

PVT, or Pivot Token, is a utility token used on the Pivot blockchain. The project has struggled to maintain a strong user base, which has likely contributed to its delisting from the exchange.

RCCC, or RChain Cooperative, is a cooperative blockchain platform that aims to provide scalable, high-performance smart contracts. Despite its ambitious goals, RCCC has struggled to attract users and developers, which has led to its removal from the Huobi platform.

UIP, or UnlimitedIP, is a blockchain platform that focuses on digital asset copyright registration and verification. The project has not gained significant traction in the market, which has led to its delisting from Huobi.


More Tokens May Face Delisting

The announcement of the delisting has not caused significant market movements, as the affected tokens are relatively small in terms of market capitalization. However, it is a reminder that cryptocurrency projects must continue to innovate and remain relevant in order to stay listed on major exchanges.

Huobi has advised its users who hold any of the affected tokens to withdraw their funds before the delisting date to avoid any potential loss of funds. The exchange has also stated that it will continue to monitor the market and may delist other tokens in the future if they fail to meet the exchange’s listing requirements.