Polygon NFTs Take Reddit by Storm with 4 Million New Additions in 60 Days

Reddit’s journey into the NFT world has been nothing short of impressive, with the social news aggregator platform adding a whopping 4 million newly minted NFT avatars in under two months. The numbers, as per Dune Analytics, show that Reddit now has more than 9 million NFT avatars, all minted on the Layer 2 Ethereum scaling blockchain Polygon. Just over five months ago, on December 12, 2022, Reddit had only 5 million collectible avatars.



The Super Bowl Turn

This massive NFT mint is just the latest in a series of successful NFT offerings from Reddit. The platform also saw a significant increase in the number of multiple NFT avatar holders, who rose to 1.789 million up from about 306k two months ago. Single NFT holders also increased by 563k to about 4.5 million, with the total NFT holders reaching about 6.3 million from 4.2 million.

To add to the excitement, Reddit’s NFT journey is far from over. The platform is set to collaborate with the National Football League (NFL) for an upcoming NFT offer in the form of Super Bowl-themed NFTs for the two finalists competing for the trophy. The custom-designed football avatars will come dressed in the colours of the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, allowing NFL Redditors to show their support on the app.


Limited-Edition Avatars

With 500 thousand limited-edition Super Bowl LVII Collectible Avatars going live on February 6, each fan will have the opportunity to choose one free avatar NFT before the Super Bowl event on February 13. Reddit has already minted its highest number of NFTs in a single day on December 16, 2022, with 479,878 mints, and its Super Bowl-driven mint is currently holding the second spot with 312,513 NFTs minted on February 7.

Boosted NFT Sales

With Reddit’s r/NFL registering approximately 195 million monthly views and Super Bowl mentions on the app increasing by 32% in 2022 compared to 2021, Reddit’s NFT journey is nothing short of a success story. The platform’s NFT avatars managed to generate more than $10 million in sales just three months after launch in October last year, and the future looks even brighter for Reddit’s NFT offerings.