Cryptocurrency Manager Abducted In Spain

A Hungarian man who was on vacation on the Costa del Sol in Spain had the fright of his life when he was kidnapped by his new Albanian acquaintances who had been showing him around the area for a few days. The Syrian man, who resides in Hungary and has a cryptocurrency management company in Dubai, had been partying with the group in various luxurious restaurants in Marbella before they met in a villa in Benalmádena.

Ransom for Kidnapped Victim

Upon arrival, the victim was met with suspicion when one of the kidnappers welcomed him wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) clothing. The kidnappers then tied him up, put a gun to his head, and demanded a ransom of one million euros for his release. They let him use his phone to contact his colleague in Hungary to arrange payment, but the victim managed to take a photo out of the window and send it to an acquaintance living in Torremolinos, who in turn alerted the police.

An investigation was launched, and the police began negotiating with the kidnappers through the Hungarian colleague on how the payment should be made. While the kidnappers thought they were getting the money and were waiting for the ransom to arrive, a team of 50 officers from GOES, Air Media, UDYCO Costa del Sol, UPR, the police negotiator, and the Scientific Police stormed the villa. The kidnappers had rented the villa for two days, and inside, the police found a room filled with plastics, weapons, pruning shears, and saws.


Police arrest Kidnappers

One of the kidnappers had a history of robbery with force in another part of the country and had several false identities, while two others were found to have false Greek passports. The Albanian was the only one with their original documentation. The three were taken into custody and are expected to face charges of kidnapping, illegal possession of weapons, and injuries in court.

This case highlights the importance of being cautious when meeting new acquaintances in a foreign country, especially when partying and drinking is involved. The victim was fortunate to have been able to alert someone to his situation, which ultimately led to his rescue. The police acted swiftly and efficiently, resulting in the victim being freed within hours. This case serves as a warning to others to be vigilant and stay safe when traveling to unfamiliar places.