Tezos And MetaMask Unite With Tezos Snap

The hardware wallet Tezos development team, TriliTech, has joined forces with ConsenSys to introduce “Tezos Snap,” a groundbreaking integration with the widely popular MetaMask wallet. This strategic partnership promises to bridge the gap between two prominent blockchain ecosystems, MetaMask and Tezos, providing seamless access for users to explore the Tezos network.

Tezos for MetaMask Users

Tezos Snap, as a MetaMask plugin, serves as the key to unlocking Tezos’ potential for millions of MetaMask users worldwide. This innovation brings an array of Tezos applications right to the fingertips of MetaMask’s extensive user base, making it an exciting development for both existing Tezos enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

The process behind Tezos Snap is elegantly simple. When a MetaMask user interacts with a Tezos decentralized application (dApp), the plugin is automatically prompted for download and installation, requiring no additional effort from the user. Tezos Snap leverages the same seed phrase employed in the MetaMask account to derive the Tezos account and address. Once installed, it promptly displays the user’s Tezos public key and address, also sharing this information with the connecting dApp. This streamlined integration ensures a user-friendly experience, eliminating any potential barriers to entry.


Tezos Snap and Wallet Explorer

Alongside Tezos Snap, TriliTech and ConsenSys have launched the Tezos Wallet Explorer, powered by MetaMask. This open-source tool acts as an intermediary between MetaMask’s Tezos Snap and the Tezos dApps, allowing users to check account balances, view transaction history, manage NFTs, and execute various everyday operations like sending tez, all from within the Tezos Wallet Explorer.

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Furthermore, MetaMask has now become visible within Tezos’ Beacon SDK Modal, a prominent Tezos library implementing the wallet-to-app communication standard. This integration opens doors for users to select MetaMask as their wallet of choice among other supported options. However, it’s important to note that currently, Tezos Snap only operates on browser extensions and is not yet available on mobile devices.