Simon Dixon is Trying to Misguide Users for His Personnel Profit?

Simon Dixon, the founder of Bank to the Future, has recently become a boxing bag for traders affected by Celsius’s bankruptcy. Using Twitter, the Celsius community has claimed that Simon is in pursuit of a hostile takeover. Although some users defended however a majority of users have presented more than 2 dozen points which somehow support their stance.

Before presenting those points, it is pertinent to mention here that Simon Dixons’s Bank to the Future had presented three proposals to rescue the lending platform (Celsius) with its $6B bailout package. Later, the deal went to the dustbin when Celsius refused to hand over its record books. Alternatively, Celsius has asked the court to unfreeze its stablecoin collection to generate liquidity.

The major points presented on Twitter on the basis of which people doubt Simon are given below.

  1. The background. Simon Dixon had been accused of naked shorting (short selling non-existent stocks) while he worked in the banking sector.
  2. Simon told investors that Celsius would end while on the other hand, he was making efforts to buy Celsius.
  3. He was involved in short squeezing and meanwhile, he said that Celsius would be delisted.
  4. Furthermore, Simon is accused of changing his stance as well because he says that he likes the idea of equity while previously he was against mining operations.
  5. Another allegation against him is that his PR team uses bots and other means to generate fake responses.
  6. He previously said that Cel is not a security but now he declares its security.
  7. After Celsius turned down his offer, he declared Celsius a Ponzi scheme.

Meanwhile, we saw a battle of words on this tweet which raised these allegations. The followers of Simon Dixon questioned the user that who can replace Simon as a leader? They stated that Simon is desperately trying to fix Celsius for a common good. Amid this fight of tweets, it certainly became difficult to say which side of the argument.