RLTY / NFT Expoverse to Hold Exhibition in Metaverse

The development of Metaverse has been on the fast track these days and going with the flow, RLTY and Expoverse have decided to go with the tide. Both have joined hands to hold a 3-day exhibition (29th to 31st July) in Metaverse which will be NFTs-specific. The event is going to take place in Loss Angeles (Convention Center) and Decentraland in Metaverse.

This will be a one of its kind event and enthusiastic visitors from all over the world, including Asia, will be gathering thanks to RLTY metaverse event builders. This will be Expoverse’s first event of this magnitude in the US market. Most of the eyes are glued to RLTY as it is its first big event after its launch in January 2022 so it will be showcasing its Metaverse building tools.

He refreshed that his company’s goal is to provide access to the virtual world and design unique programs that are free from geographic, cultural, and financial boundaries.

RLTY Expressions

The co-founder of RLTY, Mr. Zack Sabban, has also expressed his excitement about the exhibition. He said that investors and digital natives want to attend this event to find projects and learn more about web3 and blockchain. He further said that RLTY is interested to make this event an opportunity for everyone.

Additional Details

RLTY has designed a new and specific building to hold this event with its powerful building tools. It has a conference room as well where the stage will be live-streamed. The building is multi-story and there is an NFT art gallery as well set up by NFT Expoverse. Additionally, the rooftop will be used for entertainment and a networking area.

RLTY announced in June that it has finalized a 4 million pound pre-seed funding round for its building tools. The funding round was attended by the founders of Sorare, The Sandbox, and Blue Wire Capital. Furthermore, RLTY provides intuitive solutions to brands to create 3D buildings, rooms, and other customizable infrastructure in the virtual world. Additionally, it provides a dashboard to analyze data on participants, interactions, and costs.