Base Announces Path To Mainnet Genesis

Base, the Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) network incubated by Coinbase, unveiled its path to the highly anticipated Mainnet Genesis. Designed to provide developers with a secure and cost-effective platform for building decentralized applications (dapps) on the blockchain, Base aims to facilitate the onboarding of millions of developers and billions of users into the cryptoeconomy.

Embracing Base Testnet

Since its testnet launch earlier this year, Base has garnered significant attention and support from the developer community. Various projects across a wide range of sectors, including gaming, NFTs, infrastructure, wallets, DeFi, and more, have been deployed on the testnet. The team at Base expressed their enthusiasm for the inspiring developments they have witnessed within the community.

One notable project, Blackbird, is revolutionizing restaurant loyalty programs through its platform, which rewards repeat visitors at participating restaurants. During its beta phase, Blackbird introduced initiatives such as a rewards program for Williamsburg diner GERTIE and the Upside Pizza Club, granting members daily slices of pizza for a year alongside exclusive access to private concerts and events.

Parallel, an NFT-based trading card game, aims to empower users by granting them true ownership of their in-game assets. The game, set in a captivating sci-fi universe, will transition to the Base Mainnet, offering players lower fees and enhanced gameplay experiences. Thirdweb, a development toolkit, seeks to simplify the process of building on blockchains for developers. Demonstrating the toolkit’s efficacy, the Thirdweb team launched Web3 Warriors, the first full-scale game on Base, within a remarkably short three-week timeframe.


Criteria for Mainnet Genesis

Another noteworthy initiative, OAK, introduces a community currency for Oakland residents, enabling them to transact with a stablecoin specifically designed for local merchants. This approach keeps value circulating within the community, reduces transaction fees for merchants, and supports local causes.

Acknowledging the complexity of launching a blockchain network, Base draws inspiration from successful launches of similar magnitude, such as rocket launches and the Optimism blockchain. To ensure a smooth mainnet launch, Base prioritizes network security and safety, followed by transparent communication with developers. Timely deployment ranks as their third priority.

Prior to the Mainnet Genesis, Base established a set of criteria that must be fulfilled, including a successful Regolith hardfork, infrastructure review, Optimism’s Bedrock upgrade, internal and external audits without critical severity issues, and demonstrated testnet stability. Following the Mainnet Genesis, the Genesis Window opens, offering a focused and coordinated opportunity for developers to deploy their dapps on Base mainnet. During this window, Base commits to providing extensive support and recognition to early adopters, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience.