Nodal Power Raises $13M To Combat Methane Emissions

Nodal Power, a company pioneering innovative ways to combat methane emissions from landfills while simultaneously powering Bitcoin mining data centres, has secured an impressive $13 million in seed funding. The funding round, aimed at aggressively addressing methane emissions from landfills while tapping into their untapped energy potential, marks a significant stride in the battle against greenhouse gas emissions. The successful funding initiative was revealed through a press release distributed to Bitcoin Magazine.

Landfill-Powered Plants

A substantial portion of the raised funds has already been put to use, facilitating the establishment and operation of two power plants within the United States. The first plant, situated in the southeastern US, leverages electricity generated from landfill gas and channels it into the local utility grid. Distinguished by its integration of a data centre, this site efficiently manages the distribution of energy between the utility and the data centre.

The second site, located in the mountainous western region, stands as a pioneering venture—a groundbreaking off-grid Bitcoin mining data centre fuelled by landfill gas. Ambitious plans are in motion to direct additional funding toward the development of a third site, projected to be operational in early 2024. The overarching goal of all three sites remains consistent: to harness renewable electricity from the methane gas produced during the natural decomposition of organic waste in landfills.

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Green Vision for Landfill Methane

Bryan Black, CEO of Nodal Power, stated, “We’ve developed solutions, specifically for smaller landfills, that allow us to bring these overlooked resources to market.” Black emphasized the company’s commitment to making a meaningful impact on local energy markets through their innovative technology and energy-first approach.

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Central to Nodal Power’s pioneering initiative is the potential to significantly mitigate methane emissions originating from landfills. As a potent greenhouse gas, methane possesses a heat-trapping capability 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide. The company’s unique approach involves the controlled combustion of methane gas within generators—an approach that not only reduces methane emissions but also diminishes carbon emissions in comparison to traditional flaring or venting methods. This transformative process effectively converts an erstwhile wasted resource into a valuable and beneficial energy source.