Lyra System to Remain Unavailable During Optimism Bedrock Upgrade

The well-known system Lyra is set to go through a planned period of system unavailability to be ready for the eagerly awaited Optimism Bedrock upgrade, which is a big development. The Lyra platform is expected to see major improvements and advancements as a result of this upgrade, which will increase both its general use and performance. The Bedrock upgrade is expected to begin on June 6 at 16:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), according to the official release. Users will be unable to access Lyra during this period until the required updates and changes are put into place.

Upcoming Upgrade Temporarily Halts Chain Activity, Enhances Platform Functionality

In significant progress, a forthcoming upgrade is planned to temporarily stop chain activity for a specified time of roughly 4 hours. The break will last for six hours, starting at 16:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on June 6 and ending at 20:00 UTC. All contracts on Optimism will be unavailable to traders during this defined period. The proposed upgrade requires this brief inaccessibility in order to perform the necessary modifications, modifications, and improvements. Traders can anticipate that the platform will have greater functionality and a more user-friendly interface once the upgrade is completely finished.

It is advised that traders and LPs review their positions in light of the expected change and take the necessary steps to reduce any potential negative effects. Consider closing your positions before the downtime is supposed to start as one alternative. During the upgrading period, this proactive approach might assist protect against unexpected price changes and market instability.

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Users can anticipate a smooth return to regular operations after the upgrade has been successfully applied. Participants will be able to engage in their chosen activities with increased features and better performance because of the restoration of trading functionalities and LP activities. It is crucial to remember that the expected 4-hour window for the upgrade’s completion may change.

Preparation Urged as Contract Downtime during Upgrade Enhances User Experience

Users and traders must make the necessary preparations and modify their trading plans or schedules to take into account the lack of contracts during the aforementioned time frame. The stoppage is a deliberate action designed to make sure that everyone will have a better, more effective experience once the upgrade is completely operational.