HYDN Claims to Saves $0.6M Funds during SushiSwap Attack

On April 8th, a serious flaw was discovered in the RouteProcessor2 contract held by SushiSwap. However, thanks to the real-time monitoring system of the group HYDN, which was the first to discover the vulnerability, user funds worth almost $600,000 were saved from being stolen.

HYDN Collaborates with SushiSwap to Prevent Major User Fund Losses in Attack

After discovering the flaw, HYDN quickly established communication with SushiSwap’s Head Chef, JaredGrey, and the two groups worked together to coordinate operations to repair or recover the money. Through a War Room established for this purpose, they were able to work through the night and retrieve the user funds. However, they were also requesting the deployment of a cross-chain observer contract to protect user assets.

The vulnerability was caused by a flaw in the approval process of RouteProcessor2. It resulted in insufficient validation of the user’s input or the absence of checks, potentially leading to enormous losses for the users. This vulnerability was exploited in a separate attempt by white-hat hackers. It was then replicated by MEV bots, leading to an attack that would have resulted in a significant loss of user funds if not for the quick actions of HYDN.

HYDN Offers Blockchain Safety Services Following Successful Rescue of Sushiswap Funds

Thanks to the speed of their response, HYDN was able to prevent over $600,000 worth of user funds from being stolen. They continued to collaborate with SushiSwap in designing a Merkle Claim contract to return the rescued funds to their respective users.

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This attack highlights the importance of real-time attack prevention for decentralized applications (Dapps) and the need for monitoring and alerting. HYDN offers a range of services to ensure the safety of blockchain projects. It includes Smart Contract Audits, Disaster Recovery, Web3 Penetration Testing, and Crisis Management.

The users of HYDN and SushiSwap were saved from an impending catastrophe as a result of the coordinated efforts of HYDN and SushiSwap. This occurrence highlights the significance of cybersecurity and the necessity for blockchain initiatives to exercise vigilance and proactivity in their approach to implementing security measures.