KuCoin Wallet Rebrands Itself as Halo Wallet to Develop SocialFi Ecosystem

On the 3rd of April, KuCoin Wallet has announced to rebrand itself as Halo Wallet. This transformation would be unique of its kind as it would prove to be an extraordinary SocialFi Ecosystem. KuCoin Wallet has decided to spin away from the KuCoin group and start working in an independent manner by the name of Halo Wallet. The first official round of Halo Wallet received a positive response and funding from Hashkey Capital, IDG and KuCoin Ventures.

Different Web3 partners around the globe are encouraging this rebranding and financing Halo Wallet. KuCoin rebranding would ultimately expand from the Web3 wallet and would develop the SocialFi ecosystem. Moreover, it is hoped to lead the next level of development of the crypto industry’s Web3 space by recruiting top talent.

KuCoin Wallet to Halo Wallet

Decentralized wallets are playing a key role in developing Web3 at the global level. KuCoin has made significant strides in the industry of decentralized wallets since its launch back in 2022. Halo Wallet is efficiently entertaining customers with comprehensive PC and Mobile coverage. Moreover, it has added the support of countless NFT assets and tokens. They have also launched services like staking and cross-chain swap of native tokens and attracted more than one million clients.

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On the other hand, with the explosion of numerous financial opportunities in the field of GameFi, NFTs and DeFi number of users is increasing day by day. Wallet tools for providing management services are running short to benefit increasing users with the advantages of Web3. Halo Wallet assists to filter the consensus and valuable data from the excessive amounts of on-chain data. It will provide information to benefit customers with higher returns and relevant hedge risks.


Halo Wallet is concerned with the users breaking the investment opportunities via media to identify the targets of high-quality investment. Users can learn a lot about trading strategies by tracking the opinions of experts, leaders and professional traders. This would help users to earn profit by making the right decisions by understanding the latest trends in the market. It is also going to integrate a different variety of off-chain and on-chain protocols of social media i.e., Twitter and Lens. This will assist the developers to develop Web3 DID by engaging with prominent influencers.