BitKeep Unveils Token Exchange Support and Arbitrum Futures Airdrop

BitKeep, a major entry point for the Web3 community, has confirmed the beginning of an airdrop program for the Arbitrum Futures Tokens (ARBK) to benefit the Arbitrum and the Layer-2  community. This change has been made in preparation for the Ethereum Cancun Update. It will likely bring a dramatic decline in transaction costs and usher in an epidemic of Layer-2 technologies.

BitKeep Introduces ARBK Airdrop to Foster Adoption of Layer2 Protocol, Arbitrum

The ARBK is a credential of the Arbitrum token that is issued by BitKeep. Users can claim Arbitrum’s official tokens by holding ARBKs airdropped by BitKeep and completing the corresponding tasks. On the Arbitrum network, the ARBK coin is distributed. Users can view it by including the address of the token contracts in the BitKeep wallets.

BitKeep has offered to swap any ARBK held by qualified customers for Arbitrum Certified Token at a 1:1. If the total number of tokens available in the official system is the same as in the ARBK. If the supply is different, then the transaction will reflect that. After the Arbitrum Authorized Token is listed on a regulated exchange, the process of conversion will be finalized in 3–7 business days.

BitKeep has cautioned that if players are discovered to be misbehaving or cheating, they would be disqualified from receiving incentives and have their credentials to claim awards revoked. The organization, however, is appreciative of the confidence and support it receives from its customers. Further groundbreaking Layer-2 initiatives are planned for the near future.

BitKeep Supports Growth of Layer-2 Ecosystem with Launch of Arbitrum Futures Token

The announcement by BitKeep comes at a time when the Layer2 technology is gaining traction as a solution to Ethereum’s high gas fees and scalability issues. The Ethereum Cancun Upgrade is expected to address some of these issues. However, the adoption of Layer-2 technology is seen as a more sustainable long-term solution.

Arbitrum is one of the Layer-2 solutions that have gained popularity in recent times. It promises faster and cheaper transactions compared to the main Ethereum network. The launch of the Arbitrum Futures Token by BitKeep is expected to further support the growth of the Arbitrum ecosystem.

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BitKeep’s launch of the ARBK airdrop and token exchange support for Arbitrum is a significant development for the Layer2 ecosystem. The move is expected to further drive the adoption of Layer2 technology.  It is seen as a sustainable solution to Ethereum’s scalability and gas fee issues. BitKeep has promised to launch more Layer2-related events in the future, and it will be interesting to see how this will impact the Web3 space.