KuCoin Adjusts Leverage and Risk Limits for USDT Perpetual Futures

On May 29, 2023, KuCoin Futures has made major adjustments to the maximum permissible leverage and risk limitations for USDT-margined perpetual futures contracts. These alterations will take effect immediately. Traders will be able to take advantage of enhanced leverage and higher risk limits across a variety of popular trading pairs beginning at 11:00 (UTC+8) on Tuesday.

Individual Risk Limit Levels in KuCoin Futures’ Upgrade

As a result of the upgrade, some USDT-margined perpetual futures contracts will be impacted, and the maximum leverage and risk limitations will be altered correspondingly.  It is recommended that traders log in first and check the current Risk Limit Level before placing any orders. At this stage, a decision will be made about the disposition of any existing interests. Following the implementation of the update, the revised risk limit level will be implemented for any new positions that are opened.

The changes are as follows:

Symbol – Maximum Leverage (after) – Maximum Risk Limit in USDT (after)

PEPEUSDTM – 75                                     1,000,000

ZILUSDTM – 50                                         1,000,000

XLMUSDTM – 50                                      1,000,000

It is essential to highlight the fact that customers have the freedom to select their risk limit levels. In order to avoid accounts from being liquidated while the update is being processed, any open orders that have been placed by users will be immediately cancelled, and an additional margin will be added to accounts. Because of the changes that were made to the maintenance margin rate, the liquidation price will be modified so that it is consistent with the new parameters.

KuCoin Futures’ Changes Reflect Commitment to Enhancing Trading Conditions

These modifications to KuCoin Futures’ maximum leverage and risk limitations for USDT-margined perpetual futures contracts are intended to give traders greater flexibility and improved trading possibilities. During this period of change, traders are strongly recommended to appropriately manage their risk and keep themselves informed on the most recent information.

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KuCoin Futures’ changes to leverage and risk limitations show their dedication to providing traders with better trading conditions and possibilities. As a result, they can make educated judgments and effectively traverse the new market environment.