Guild and ZetaChain Join Forces to Revolutionize DAO Capabilities

Guild and ZetaChain have announced a significant collaboration that will transform the capabilities of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). It will take cross-chain functionality to new heights. The integration of ZetaChain’s testnet into Guild’s automated membership platform expands DAOs’ and their members’ options.

ZetaChain Leverages Guild’s Omnichain DAO Tools

Guild has been chosen as the preferred on-chain and off-chain involvement platform by ZetaChain, an EVM-compatible L1 blockchain aiming to connect everything. ZetaChain is the largest web3 guild overall, with over 16,000 groups, emphasizing its commitment to community engagement.

DAOs will gain the ability to define and enforce rules for positions within the ZetaChain network as a result of the Guild-ZetaChain testnet integration. Validating ZetaChain mainnet data, such as asset transfers across networks, participation in ZetaChain dApps, and staking activities, falls under this category. ZetaChain and its community will have greater control and visibility over network activities by leveraging Guild’s omnichain DAO tools.

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The implementation of adjustable payment criteria within Guild is one of the exciting future prospects of this collaboration. Guild community will be able to accept payments from members in any token from any chain. It includes native BTC, thanks to ZetaChain’s scalability and the ZRC-20 token standard. This payment flexibility will allow DAOs to experiment with new revenue models like monthly memberships, and paid events. It will result in greater financial sustainability and self-sufficiency.

ZetaChain Introduces Guild Pins

To commemorate the start of this collaboration, ZetaChain will be the first community to introduce Guild Pins. These non-transferable, non-fungible tokens serve as proof of membership across all applications, initially on Polygon and later on the ZetaChain mainnet. Members will be able to mint unique ZetaNite positions by completing specific roles. It will demonstrate their involvement and commitment to the network.

Guild and ZetaChain’s collaboration represents a significant advancement in cross-chain DAO capabilities. As communities realize the full potential of Guild and leverage ZetaChain’s technology, barriers between networks will be broken down. It will also allow DAOs and their members to collaborate and interact seamlessly.

The partnership between Guild and ZetaChain represents a significant advancement in the capabilities of cross-chain DAOs. It breaks down barriers and makes it possible for DAOs and their members to collaborate and interact with one another seamlessly. This partnership is just the beginning, and it hints at a future in which Guild and ZetaChain will continue to drive innovation. It will enable decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) to achieve even greater levels of success.