Instagram To Wind Down Digital Collectibles

In a recent announcement, Instagram has revealed that it will wind down its support for digital collectibles, with changes set to begin taking effect from 11 April 2023. The decision to wind down digital collectibles is part of Instagram’s wider plan to focus on other areas of the platform.

Discontinuing Digital Collectibles

The changes mean that users will no longer be able to create new digital collectible posts on Instagram. However, any collectibles that have already been shared will remain as posts without any shimmer effect or blockchain information. Users can continue to delete these posts at any time. Collectible posts that are only viewable in the digital collectible tab of a user’s profile will be moved to their archive.

Furthermore, Instagram will no longer maintain a connection or associate users’ accounts with their third-party digital wallets. As a result, users will no longer be able to view their digital collectibles in the associated tab or manage their third-party digital wallet connection settings.


Users’ Info

Users will also no longer be able to access or download their information related to collectibles after 11 April 2023. Instagram advises users who wish to download their information to submit a request before this date. The social media platform will begin to delete digital collectible data in its systems, including users’ wallet addresses. Data will be stored and deleted in accordance with Instagram’s Privacy Policy and Digital Collectibles Terms of Use.

Instagram’s decision to wind down support for digital collectibles comes as the platform focuses on other areas of the platform. While some users may be disappointed by the decision, Instagram’s move may allow the platform to invest more resources into features that are more in demand.

Users who are unsure how to submit a request to download their information or see content that’s archived on Instagram can access this information on the platform’s Help Center.