Huobi Rebrands As HTX

Huobi has officially unveiled its revamped branding strategy on September 13, 2023, with the introduction of “HTX” as its new global brand identity.

The new name “HTX” holds significant symbolism. “H” represents Huobi, a name synonymous with the cryptocurrency industry’s evolution. “T” stands for TRON, symbolizing the platform’s commitment to being fully immersed in the TRON ecosystem. Finally, “X” signifies the exchange, making it abundantly clear that HTX is an exchange intrinsically linked to its native token, HT. Additionally, the “X” is a nod to HTX’s remarkable 10-year journey in the crypto space, marking a new era for the platform. As part of this rebranding, HTX introduces the catchy slogan, “HTX, Just Trade It.”

HTX’s Bold Mission

With the rebranding comes a renewed mission for HTX. The platform aspires to create a metaverse free port, driven by the vision of achieving financial freedom for 8 billion individuals worldwide. To realize this vision, HTX has devised a comprehensive growth strategy comprising four key pillars: global expansion, thriving ecosystem, wealth effect, and security and compliance.

HTX is set to embark on a global expansion drive, entering promising markets across diverse countries and regions while maintaining a sustainable growth trajectory. By remaining at the forefront of crypto market trends and prioritizing growth and profitability, HTX aims to deliver professional services and a diverse product portfolio to users globally. Notable offerings include PrimeVote, Flexi Max, Shark Fin, and more. Moreover, HTX is strategically partnering with public chains like TRON, cross-chain protocols like BitTorrent Chain, and stablecoin projects such as TrueUSD, fostering a multi-dimensional business ecosystem through collaborative endeavors.


Asset Selection Strategy

Furthermore, HTX is revamping its asset selection strategy to empower the community to determine asset listings. This approach will feature premium assets from around the world, including high-volume projects that align with market popularity and emerging trends. HTX is also deepening collaborations with mainstream ecosystems, enhancing core products like PrimeVote and PrimePool, and soliciting community input in listing decisions.

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In the pursuit of decentralization and enhanced asset security, HTX is deploying a decentralized custody system, ensuring global asset distribution with 24/7 customer support. This approach will safeguard platform operations in the face of policy changes in specific countries or regions. Additionally, HTX will provide regular updates on Merkle tree-based Proof of Reserves and establish risk reserve and liquidity funds to further promote sustainable growth in the era of decentralization.