Gaming Studio Delabs Launches Web3 Initiative on Polygon

Delabs, a South Korean mobile-first gaming studio, has launched a new Web3 initiative that aims to create and distribute blockchain-native games on the Polygon blockchain. The studio is partnering with Polygon Labs, the Web3 programming business behind the most popular scaling solution for Ethereum’s Layer-2, to create innovative, engaging, and inclusive games. It utilizes the full potential of blockchain technology.

Creative Lab-Backed Delabs To Revolutionize Web3 Gaming With New Initiative

Delabs, which is backed by Creative Lab, a company that has had over 250 million downloads of its games worldwide. It is led by Joonmo Kwon, one of the first to see the possibilities of free-to-play mobile gaming. Kwon, who is also the CEO and founder of gaming giant Nexon, is known for his ability to forecast major trends in the gaming industry, and his focus on promoting a feeling of community and enjoyment in his games.

Delabs is currently working on an anime-themed game, a racing game, and a role-playing survival game. It has tasked each project with the development of a specialized genre-specific specialist, guaranteeing fans a fascinating and familiar experience. All players, regardless of their familiarity with NFTs, wallets, or cryptocurrencies, will be able to enjoy the same high-quality visuals and engaging gaming experiences.

Delabs Partners with Polygon to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming

Delabs aims to shake up the decentralized environment and push the game industry forward toward Game 3.0. The studio believes that by becoming partner of Polygon, it will make tremendous achievements in developing the Web3 gaming business. With Polygon’s low transaction fees and speed, combined with Ethereum’s decentralized and secure infrastructure, Delabs can easily enroll new players and grow a flourishing community that can enjoy safe, smooth, and engaging gaming experiences.

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Urvit Goel, head of worldwide business development at Polygon Labs, said they are happy to announce the cooperation with the great team at Delabs, to increase the standards of Web3 gaming. Delabs can attract and engage millions of new players by utilizing Polygon’s state-of-the-art technology. It allows them to reimagine the future of decentralized gaming.

Delabs is a 100-person-strong company that is now accepting applications. 4:33’s parent firm, which includes Tencent and Line as investors, has raked in over $100 million. This move is evidence that South Korean game developers are putting all their eggs in the Web3 gaming basket. This is likely to inspire other companies in the industry to follow suit.