Flex Yang Introduces HOPE Ecosystem and Distributed Stablecoin

The HOPE ecosystem’s native stablecoin, $HOPE, has been created to become a distributed stablecoin supported by crypto-native reserves. With the greatest features of CeFi, DeFi, and TradFi in mind, $HOPE and the HOPE Ecosystem are created to offer next-generation infrastructures and services that are frictionless and transparent to attract a new wider audience of stakeholders, including non-crypto natives. For now, $HOPE will be supported by scattered stocks of BTC and ETH. This news is uncovered by HOPE on its official Medium channel.

The HOPE Ecosystem Offers a Wide Range of $HOPE and $stHOPE User Cases

By developing synthetic assets that match the pricing of real-world assets (RWA), such as but not limited to equities indices, fixed-income securities, commodities, foreign exchange, etc., HopeEcho will democratize access to TradFi. Customers who were previously banned from TradFi offerings will now have access to traditional assets denominated in cryptocurrencies without actually holding those assets.

The HOPE Ecosystem, which consists of 4 main protocols, offers a wide range of useful applications for $HOPE and $stHOPE, such as exchange, borrowing, and collaterals, while encouraging users to take part in the ecosystem and social governance through $LT. Moreover, the HOPE Ecosystem may be accessed using the AMM-based HopeSwap protocol, which is based on Ethereum. Users have the option of trading between $LT, $HOPE, and other assets, or they can supply liquidity in exchange for $LT rewards and fee shares.

With several liquidity pools, HopeLend is a non-custodial financing protocol. Borrowers can take out overcollateralized loans after providing collateral, and financiers can deposit funds to earn interest. On a decentralized, anonymous protocol with zero counterparty risk, users may experience liquidity and trading at CEX levels. HopeConnect is a ground-breaking DeFi program that is the first of its type in the market that allows users to exchange derivatives on leading CEXs without putting money on centralized platforms.

$LT will be Issued to Promote the Governance of the HOPE Ecosystem

The incentivize and governing coin, $LT, will be made available to encourage the HOPE Ecosystem’s provision of liquidity and involvement in governance. Owners of $LT may vote-lock their $LT for veLT. veLT may be used to increase $LT incentives and vote on governance proposals to control important issues like the allocation of protocol income and the monetary policy of the $HOPE token. The mint & burn procedure of $HOPE and the addition of outside dApps inside the ecosystem are also on the HOPE Ecosystem’s future roadmap.