Polygon-Based Dragoma (DMA) Hit with a Rug Pull

It has been disclosed by PeckShieldAlert that the website, as well as the entirety of the social media accounts of the Polygon-based game called Dragoma (DMA), has witnessed the removal of its website as well as the entirety of its accounts on social media, giving rise to the enormous suspicions regarding a potential rug pull.

Dragoma (DMA) Undergoes a Rug-Pull

As per the information shared on the behalf of PeckShieldAlert (a blockchain security platform), the game project Dragoma is displaying the indications of a likely rug pull because a decline of up to 99.7% has occurred in the DMA token’s value. The website of the project, dragoman.io, seems to be closed while its channel on social media has been eliminated. Another piece of information that has been brought to the front by the blockchain security venue is that the funds stolen from the project have been transferred to centralized exchanges.

Dragoma counts as a Web3-based application of lifestyle sports with pre-existing SocialFi and GameFi elements, constructed on the network of Polygon. For the implementation of the Web3-based assets’ privatization, they have adopted an economic model of two tokens along with the non-fungible tokens for in-app assets through which the transparent, as well as open economic ecology, will be ensured.

Community Influenced Severely

Among the initial prominent games was “How to Train Your Dragon” which utilized the Polygon network’s flexibility as well as power. Recently in mid-June, Ken Graese (Dragoma’s founder) was the person responsible for leading the team of Dragoma project deep into the conventional gaming industry. With the advancement in the concepts like GameFi and the Metaverse, Ken Graese was confident remarkable progress will be witnessed in the gaming industry shortly, and a revolution will be brought about in the gaming market with GameFi.

Polygon, the network on which Dragoma was established, uses the technology of dual-chain architecture to permit the consumers to be facilitated with more rapid transfers. Dragoma was utilizing the same underlying technology of Polygon for the provision of an open, just, and fair game environment along with transparent rules and data without any manipulation.

Although an extremely negative impact has been put by the current incident on the community, the potential outcomes have not yet completely surfaced. However, this event will have a significant role in the overall interest in the GameFi world.