DeSpreadTeam Partners with Chainlink Labs for Web3 Adoption

South Korea, Seoul – DeSpreadTeam, a web development consulting firm, has announced a partnership with blockchain company Chainlink Labs to accelerate the adoption of Web3 technologies in South Korea. This collaboration will result in the establishment of the Chainlink Network. It will provide enhanced services and BUILD initiatives to Chainlink users across the country.

DeSpreadTeam to Assist Chainlink’s BUILD Projects in South Korea

Since its start in 2019, DeSpread has been a key player in South Korea’s web development ecosystem. The company has played an important role in the growth and development of various Web3 startups and protocols. It provides go-to-market strategies and growth services to local projects.

DeSpread has become a trusted source of educational materials and research papers thanks to a team of experienced developers running validators and contributing to multiple community platforms. Their knowledge of layer-1 chains, DeFi, NFTs, the Metaverse, and Web3 gaming makes them valuable collaborators for projects spanning the entire Web3 spectrum.

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DeSpread will actively contribute to the expansion of Chainlink’s BUILD projects as part of the partnership. It will also assist entrepreneurs in gaining access to key Chainlink Web3 services. This will include a variety of tasks such as translating technical documents into Korean, and developing locally tailored marketing strategies and materials. DeSpread hopes to accelerate the adoption of Web3 technologies by collaborating with established companies such as Chainlink Labs.

Chainlink Network Launches in South Korea

Chainlink Labs has cemented its position as a leading provider of open-source blockchain oracle solutions. It has become the go-to choice for decentralized oracle frameworks. It offers dependable integration between smart contracts and real-world data such as asset prices, online APIs, payment systems, and IoT devices.

The collaboration between DeSpread and Chainlink Labs is a significant step forward for the South Korean Web3 ecosystem. They hope to accelerate the adoption of Web3 technologies and propel the growth of blockchain-based solutions across the country by combining their strengths and resources. South Korean users will benefit from improved access to a wide range of services and BUILD initiatives now that the Chainlink Network is operational. Moreover, it will create more opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses in the region.

In addition, this collaboration demonstrates DeSpread’s commitment to fostering innovation and driving the development of the Web3 landscape. Chainlink Labs, the industry leader in decentralized oracle frameworks, is at the forefront of advancing the integration of smart contracts across multiple blockchains.