Deribit Announces Zero-Fee Spot Trading

Deribit, the world’s largest cryptocurrency options exchange, has announced the launch of zero-fee spot trading, allowing clients to buy and sell assets while managing risk using derivatives. The exchange will offer spot trading starting from 24 April 2023 at 1 PM UTC, with three pairs – BTC/USDC, ETH/USDC and ETH/BTC, enabling clients to exchange collateral and eliminating the need for external asset conversion.

Zero-Fee Spot Trading

Users will enjoy a zero-fee structure for trading these pairs on Deribit. The exchange aims to foster liquid markets and minimize taker hurdles with the following fee schedule: maker 0% / taker 0%. Due to the chosen structure, there will not be any volume discounts, affiliate or partner sharing offered on this model.

Deribit’s Chief Commercial Officer, Luuk Strijers, stated that “After years of being the leading crypto derivatives trading platform and ensuring that our exchange has the highest level of security and transparency, we have decided to apply our expertise to spot trading. By adding spot trading to our existing futures and options products, we are now able to provide a fulsome exchange offering that caters to all types of traders.”


Trading Offerings

Currently, Deribit offers options, inverse & linear perpetuals, and futures (including volatility futures) for three base currencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC, which allows investors to manage risk and hedge their investments. With the addition of spot trading, Deribit now serves a wider range of traders who seek to swap directly between assets with immediate delivery and ownership.

The introduction of free spot trading capabilities comes shortly after Deribit’s launch of BTC DVOL futures, a contract built on DVOL (the Deribit Bitcoin Volatility Index) that facilitates Bitcoin volatility trading. Deribit has also experienced a continued increase in investor activity, seeing open interest on the platform hit an all-time high of over $20 billion on March 30th, 2023.


Secure and Transparent Ecosystem

As the digital asset space continues to evolve, trading venues will have to grow alongside it and ensure the ecosystem remains secure, transparent, and compliant. Deribit is doing just that, and the launch of spot trading capabilities is the latest step in Deribit’s mission to innovate in digital asset trading and provide additional value to its users and partners.

Deribit is a centralized, institutional-grade cryptocurrency derivatives exchange for options and futures trading based in Panama City, Panama. Led by a team with decades of experience in options trading across all markets, Deribit facilitates a significant majority of all crypto options trading and has robust proof of assets and liabilities procedures to ensure the exchange is held to the highest of standards.