Cardano Founder Clarifies Stance On Controversial Topics

Cardano creator, Charles Hoskinson, has responded to allegations made against him by a Cardano community member in an anonymous open letter posted on social media. In the letter, the community member harshly criticized Hoskinson’s public opinions and associations with alt-right icons like Dr. Jordan Peterson and Elon Musk, as well as his contingent staking philosophy.


Contingent Staking Philosophy

Hoskinson responded to the letter with a 30-minute YouTube video, in which he attacked the letter writer for categorizing people as either completely good or bad, and emphasized the nuance of humans. He also defended his associations with Peterson and Musk, stating that despite their perceived shortcomings, they are accomplished people with great ideas.

Regarding the contingent staking philosophy, Hoskinson noted that he had not yet presented it as a proposal and emphasized that it would only be binding on the community if it receives approval through governance. The philosophy would let stake pool operators pick who delegates with the pool, with the SPO needing to sign and delegate the staking transaction for it to operate.

Some privacy activists in the community are against the idea because they believe its adoption will require know-your-customer procedures. However, Hoskinson refuted complaints that the implementation will result in a KYC regime on Cardano or eliminate private SPOs, stating that it would be advantageous for governmental bodies, academic institutions, and other institutions that must maintain regulatory compliance.


Voltaire Age of Governance

These discussions come as the Voltaire age of governance is about to begin for the Cardano network. Hoskinson expressed optimism that the Voltaire plan and member-based organization constitution would help the Cardano community establish institutions that guarantee reasonable development standards. However, he also warned that if the network didn’t comply, it would risk repeating the errors of contemporary politics, which he refers to as a “demagogic abomination.”

It remains to be seen how the Cardano community will respond to Hoskinson’s video and the issues raised in the anonymous open letter. However, Hoskinson’s emphasis on governance and community approval suggests that he is committed to transparency and accountability in the Cardano network’s development.