RocketX Boosts Cross-Chain Swaps with Rango Infrastructure

RocketX, a hybrid aggregator for centralized and decentralized exchanges, has increased its cross-chain swapping capability by incorporating Rango’s software development kit (SDK) for cross-chain swaps. With this partnership, RocketX’s users will now have access to Rango’s multi-chain platform. It supports over 45 different blockchains. It also includes the most popular non-EVMs, UTXOs, EVMs, and Cosmos-based networks.

RocketX Enables Lightning-Fast Cross-Chain Swaps with Rango’s Tech

Rango’s core technology lets RocketX trade any asset on any blockchain in a lightning-fast, and risk-free way. The user interface (UI) and application programming interfaces (APIs) of the platform make it simple for users to access availability pools from any one of the more than 270 exchanges supported by the platform. The Rango smart contract also makes it possible for all systems to work together and keeps transaction fees low.

RoketX Cross-chain swap

Users have the ability to trade Binance Coin (BNB) on the Binance Smart-Chain for Avalanche Coin (AVAX) with only the click of a button when they utilize RocketX. Users have to first link their wallet, then choose the items and the amount, and lastly finalize the transaction. With Rango’s bridge, the BNB will be transferred from BSC to Avalanche. The user will earn AVAX in payment for their participation. Within a few minutes, the AVAX will be put into the user’s chosen wallet if they have it configured.

Rocketx Offers Arbitrage Opportunities with Data Aggregation From Thousands of Exchanges

RocketX is not just a platform for conducting cross-chain swaps. However, it is also a powerful instrument for taking advantage of a variety of other arbitrage opportunities. By aggregating data from thousands of various exchanges, the platform is able to assist customers in locating the pricing that offers the most potential benefit for every asset or chain. Users are given the ability to compare prices and make additional savings with each transaction thanks to this function.

The addition of Rango’s software development kit (SDK) for cross-chain swaps into RocketX not only broadens the scope of what can be accomplished with the platform but also gives users more leeway to customize their experience and makes the platform more user-friendly. RocketX will be able to offer an extensive variety of services as a result of its cooperation with Rango Exchange. This will allow RocketX to become a one-stop shop for cross-chain trading.