BitMart Adds Tether Stablecoins to Its Platform for Trading

Tether Operations Limited (Tether), the company behind the world’s first and most extensively used stablecoin, has announced that its Tether Gold (XAU) and Euro Tether (EUR) have been listed on BitMart, a worldwide digital asset trading platform. This move will allow BitMart’s customers to have access to stablecoins established by the same team that created USD, the first, most stable, and most trustworthy stablecoin in the world. Tether also announced this news on its Twitter page.

BitMart Offers Access to Tether’s XAU and EUR Stablecoins

BitMart, established in 2017, is known for its wide range of trading features and services. It offers additional possibilities to its users, including futures trading, margin trading, lending, staking, and derivatives. With over 1,000 trading pairs, BitMart provides a broad selection of cryptocurrencies for its users.

Tether Gold (XAU) is a digital asset that reflects ownership of actual gold. BitMart’s listing of XAU tokens means that its customers now have access to an asset that is backed by one of the most valuable and stable commodities in the world.

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Meanwhile, the Euro Tether (EUR) is a stablecoin that has a fixed value that is equivalent to one euro. This comes on the heels of the debut of XAU on the exchange, offering customers more options for stable trading.

Tether CTO Excited About Stablecoin Listing on Bitmart

Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Tether, expressed his enthusiasm about the listing of Tether’s stablecoins on BitMart. He stated that the move would provide more people with financial freedom and inclusion. He added that Tether is thrilled to continue its aim of spreading financial freedom to more people across the world.

The addition of Tether’s stablecoins to BitMart’s platform is a significant development for both companies. With Tether being the most widely used stablecoin in the world, BitMart’s customers will now have access to a more stable and reliable asset for trading. Meanwhile, Tether’s expansion to BitMart’s means that the company can reach a broader audience, increasing the adoption of stablecoins globally.

The listing of Tether’s Tether Gold (XAU) and Euro Tether (EUR) on BitMart’s platform is a significant step for companies. The move will provide BitMart’s customers with access to more stable and reliable assets for trading, while also expanding Tether’s reach to a broader audience. With Tether’s continued aim to provide financial freedom and inclusion to more people worldwide, the listing of its stablecoins on BitMart is a positive development for the cryptocurrency industry. Keep visiting for more updates.