Binance to Delist HNT and WABI Tokens on March 24

On March 24, Binance announced it would delist the Helium (HNT) and WABI tokens due to poor performance and low trading volume. This news follows the earlier delisting of the HNT token from Binance US.

The delisting of the HNT and WABI tokens is yet another sign of the lack of support for each token by both the exchanges and users in the crypto market. Binance cited poor performance and low trading volumes to delist these tokens. The decision came after both tokens failed to meet Binance’s listing requirements criteria, which include the minimum trading volume and regular usage.

Binance: Impact on HNT and WABI Token Holders

The delisting could have a negative effect on both HNT and WABI token holders. For starters, HNT and WABI token holders will no longer be able to trade their tokens on Binance, meaning they must find alternative exchanges to continue trading them. In addition, delisting the tokens could cause a decrease in the value of the tokens, as investors may be hesitant to purchase tokens that Binance has delisted. Fewer exchanges offering the tokens could affect liquidity, leading to larger spreads between buy and sell orders.

HNT Migration to Solana

Despite the delisting news, HNT is still preparing to move to the Solana blockchain in the coming weeks. The migration to the Solana blockchain is designed to help HNT holders benefit from faster transaction speeds, lower fees, and more security. The migration will also allow HNT holders to use the token on various decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and other platforms built on the Solana blockchain.

The future of the WABI token remains unclear following the delisting from Binance. While the token was once touted as one of the most promising tokens in the market, recent developments have cast doubt on its long-term prospects. As such, investors should exercise caution when considering investing in the WABI token and research the token thoroughly before making any decisions.

Delisting the HNT and WABI tokens from Binance could have far-reaching consequences for both tokens. HNT holders should prepare for the migration to the Solana blockchain and take any necessary steps to ensure their tokens are safe and secure. Meanwhile, WABI holders should assess the future prospects of the token carefully before deciding whether to invest.