Web3 Venture Capital ‘DWF Labs’ Launches Officially

A Web3-based Market Maker and Venture Capital, DWF Labs, has formally launched in Switzerland. DWF Labs offers Market Making, early-stage investments, over-the-counter (OTC) trading, and secondary market investment facilities to Web3 firms. It also provides advisory and token listing services. DWF Labs counts as Digital Wave Finance’s (DWF) part. The Asia-based local headquarters of DWF Labs is situated in Singapore. Along with this, it has agencies in Hong Kong, China, and Dubai as well.

DWF Labs Launches in Switzerland to Offer Web3 Investment Services

In the case of market making, above eight hundred trading pairs are under DWF Labs. The trading algorithms thereof are compatible with more than 40 exchange platforms across the globe. The tokens managed by it can thus be listed to cover ninety-nine percent of the crypto-based traded volume. No onboarding charges, trading charges, charges related to market-making crosses, or monthly charges are implemented by DWF Labs. The venue no even imposes any extra charges related to market making.

Partnerships have been made by DWF Labs with prominent exchange venues taking into account Huobi, Crypto.com, Gate, OKX, KuCoin, ByBit, FTX, Binance, and so on. Being in the position of an enthusiastic investor focused on liquid coins and secondary markets, DWF Labs provides investments to digital asset firms. It additionally supports the present markets, permitting digital asset firms to trade the tokens in their possession without incurring a huge price impact.

Tokens are purchased by DWF Labs in return for their funds, letting corporate consumers trade tokens rapidly. With this, the platform also becomes capable of elevating capital efficiency and permits its clients to pay attention to the development of the projects. During the previous few weeks, up to US$20M has been invested by DWF Labs in the tokens of its clients. At the moment, more than thirty venture capital (VC) contracts have been secured by the venue with Web3-related firms via token investments.

In August’s Mid, DWF Occupies 3rd Position on FTX by Trading Volume

The biggest among them had a value of nearly US$4.5M. DWF Labs’ Managing Partner, Andrei Grachev, remarked on the move. He stated that their top regular trading volumes let the users avail PRO 3 and VIP 9. It was witnessed in the middle of the last month that the 3rd position (among prominent 100 traders) was gained by DWF Labs by trading volume on the leaderboard of FTX.