Theta Network Launches API Service on InfStones

Theta Network (Web3-based blockchain infrastructure provider) has announced an exclusive partnership with InfStones. As a result of this collaboration, the developers at Theta can enter the InfStones platform. The platform published a blog post on Medium to provide insights into the new collaboration.

Theta Releases API Service on the Platform of InfStones

As per Theta, the developers are permitted to begin developing API projects by following the instructions provided by the platform. In addition to this, the company mentioned that the developers can also communicate with the blockchain of Theta Network with increased reliability and scaling.

The platform added that the AI-based infrastructure of InfStones enables worldwide developers to have a powerful and rugged platform offering node management services. Along with this, it also offers a conveniently utilized API service. Moreover, as mentioned in the post, up to 20,000 nodes are being operated under InfStones. This allows the developers to operate with improved scalability, security, efficiency, speed, and reliability for cross-chain GameFi, NFT, and DeFi, as well as the development of decentralized applications.

The firm brought to the front that the integration of InfStones into the ecosystem of Theta Network plays a significant role in pushing the platform forward in its tech journey. As emphasized by the firm, this move will offer a secure and rapid API service. Apart from that, the respective service will offer additional support to the community and team members of the company.

The Launch Offers Swift and Improved Services to Users along with a Comprehensive Control

It moved on to say that the rapid-access API entry into the platform of InfStones can bring additional benefits and easiness to the developers and consumers. Theta is of the view that it will have a swift advancement in media services, smart contract communications, and the delivery of token transactions for users around the world. It moved on to say that the customers can straightly communicate with the platform’s blockchain via the API endpoints on InfStones in an easy way.

According to the company, autonomous API projects can be built by developers in line with this collaboration. As a part of this partnership, the community members and the developers can enjoy additional control over their access to the APIs and Theta Network.