Tether Declares a Collaboration with BDO Italia

The prominent tech firm “Tether Holdings Limited” has declared an important update dealing with attestation and assurance procedures. The platform is at the back of Tether (USDT) – the biggest stablecoin in terms of market capitalization. Presently it is operating in collaboration with an autonomous public account company named BDO Italia (the Italy-based participant of BDO Global) to deal with the quarterly attestations.

Tether Partners up with BDO Italia for Reserve Attestations

With this partnership, Tether will additionally concentrate on shifting the issuance of its attestations to monthly reports rather than the previous quarterly reports. Tether is devoted to becoming a frontrunner in advanced technology. Along with this, it is also paying attention to providing accountability and transparency to the clients by whom the stablecoins are utilized to carry out the regular trades of several billion dollars.

The step taken by Tether to operate with the BDO institution denotes its potential to provide substantial transparency regarding the Tether tokens’ holding. Along with offering updates regarding the released tokens as well as the reserves every day, per-month assurance opinions will now also be available. The respective unique collaboration is in line with the devotion of Tether to transparency while its upcoming move is a full audit.

Greater Transparency with New Partnership

Tether’s CTO, Paolo Ardoino, stated that they are determined to be a part of the rapidly expanding market of cryptocurrency. As he puts it, they are endeavoring to turn Tether into a resilient stablecoin within the Web3-based economy. He added that a lot of advancement has taken place in Tether moving beyond just being an instrument to shift out of or in the trading positions. According to him, Tether has long been making efforts for transparency. And it’s not something new.

The global organization of BDO takes into account nearly 167 regions and countries while up to 97,000 people are operating out of nearly 1,713 offices. The classification of the institution among the noticeable 5 accounting institutions is based on its revenue. It published its recent report regarding the revenue on 30th September of the previous year.

In the respective report, it was pointed out that US$11.8B was the cumulative fee income generated by the entirety of the companies operating under BDO throughout the globe, taking into account the participants of their new alliance.