Terra Luna Price Prediction, $10, $50, or $100 by 2023-2025

Terra Luna Price Prediction 2023-2025

Terra Luna 2.0 Current Price = $1.32 (109.39 INR)

Luna 2.0 Price Prediction for 2023 Stands at $2.232 (184.97 INR)

Luna 2.0 Price Prediction for 2025 Stands at $4.758 (394.31 INR)

Terra Luna 2.0 Price Prediction for 2030 Stands at $30.131 (2,497.03 INR)

If you are looking for the answer to Does Terra Luna Offer a Good Investment Opportunity? the Luna token may not provide an opportunity for long-term investment. However, if you are pursuing to have profits for the short term, this token can be a preference.

Terra Luna 2.0 Price Statistics

Terra Luna 2.0 Price:                $1.32 (109.39 INR)

Luna 2.0 Rank:                125

Luna 2.0 Market Cap:   $168.64M (13.97B INR)

Luna 2.0 Volume:          $37.86M (3.136B INR)

Terra Luna Performance Since 31st May 2022

  • In June Price Performance:            (-76.3%)
  • Between July and September Price Performance: (+15.5%)
  • In October Price Performance:      (-8.3%)
  • In November Price Performance: (-32.9%)
  • In December Price Performance:  (-16%)

Terra Luna Price Prediction 2023-2025: Does Terra Luna Offer a Good Investment Opportunity?

Luna went through one of the extremely ruthless collapses that took place in crypto history. Because of the collapse of Luna, the whole market of cryptocurrency underwent a blood bath. The Terra Luna token lost its value by up to 100% and, as a result, the management of the token was compelled to rebrand it as Luna Classic.

Hence, the launch of a unique coin named Luna 2.0 took place to replace the previous Luna 1.0. The new Luna 2.0 remained successful in reaching its all-time high value at $19.54 (1,620.02 INR) sometime after on the 28th of May 2022. Nonetheless, because of the unstable conditions of the industry, it collapsed and began trading lower.

Luna, categorized among the crypto tokens in the family of Terra, can just offer a fine investment opportunity if its investors begin investing in it and get their investments held for a considerable period. However, on the other hand – following the huge collapse, the majority of the people investing in the token have lost trust in the developers of Terra. Keeping this in view, the investors may pursue having rapid benefits from the token rather than holding their assets for a comprehensive time.

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One of the chief issues being faced by the Luna token is that its ecosystem has not been extended. In comparison with this, the rest of the crypto assets’ ecosystems show considerable endeavours for expansion. Even in the case of Shiba Inu, the meme-based crypto token has entered several advancement efforts to enhance investors’ confidence. Nevertheless, for Luna, no development-related activity is seen in the ecosystem.

Luna token was singly reliant on the stable currency on which it is based and it did assist the token in having an upsurge. However, as the stablecoin of Luna – USTC – lost the peg value, the whole Luna ecosystem witnessed a downturn. A significant role has been played by Luna’s decline in bringing the entire crypto market to the worst point where it now stands.

As a consequence of this, while taking into account many aspects, the Luna coin may not offer a fine long-term investment opportunity. Nevertheless, those pursuing a means for short-term profit can prioritize Luna.

Terra Luna Price Prediction 2023-2025: Will Luna Price Rise? 4 Positive Reasons

  • Back in 2016, a 50% decline was witnessed in Ethereum’s value during only 5 months. But, after that, the ETH token reached a double valuation within just one year. Hence, though it sounds scary that the Terra token has fallen by 50%, it can jump up like the ETH as it has become a reputable token.
  • Luna 2.0’s price is only $3 (248.72 INR) and it is easy to own as well as trade with it. On the other hand, several other cryptos are expensive to own, making it difficult to trade with them.
  • It is even now going through a starting phase of recovery. Finally, the crypto token will increase its capabilities along with delivering value to businesses and consumers.

Terra Luna Price Prediction 2023-2025: Will Luna Price Rise? 4 Negative Reasons

  • The essential reason for Luna’s collapse was vulnerable strategy and execution, dissimilar to ETC as it was just a security breach that each of the large firms may have gone through once at least. Due to this, the investors do not believe that Terra will have fine management in the future.
  • Negative news regarding Luna keeps on circulating on regular basis indicating that the crypto token does not have everything managed.
  • Back in 2018, when Terra got initially introduced, the competition was considerably lesser and permitted the token to be categorized among the prominent players during the start of the previous year. It is not clear how the token will survive the current competition which is very tough for it with quite a little adoption rate and size.

Terra Luna Price Prediction 2023-2030

Terra Luna 2.0 Price Prediction for 2023 Stands at $2.232 (184.97 INR)

Luna 2.0 Price Prediction for 2025 Stands at $4.758 (394.31 INR)

Terra Luna 2.0 Price Prediction for 2030 Stands at $30.131 (2,497.03 INR)

Terra Luna Price Prediction: a Few Facts

In 2018’s January, Terra’s foundation was led by Do Kwon and Daniel Shin. There were two local tokens of the Terraform Labs, including the stablecoin UST and Luna. Terra network operates on a Tendermint-based algorithmic proof-of-stake consensus. Following the crash of Terra 1.0 and UST, the launch of Terra Luna 2.0 occurred to replace Luna 1.0 while Luna 1.0 got transformed into Luna Classic.

Terra Luna Token Economics (Tokenomics)

Terra has up to 1 billion tokens in its supply

  • Out of 1B tokens existing in Terra’s supply, this is the mechanism of its distribution:
  • 8% of Terra’s tokens are allocated for its Developer mining project.
  • Up to a 1.5% ratio is specified for Terra’s Developer alignment project.
  • 5% proportion has been kept to be given to the app developers in the Emergency.
  • 20% has been incorporated into the Community Pool of Terra.
  • 10% of the tokens under Terra are reserved for Pre-attack holders of UST while another 10% is for Post-attack holders of LUNA.
  • 15% of tokens have been kept on standby for holders of UST Post-attack.
  • Terra Luna’s present circulation supply is 127,475,474.31 whereas the cumulative supply of the token stands at 1,004,262,701.