Starlink of Elon Musk Gets 1 Million Consumer Terminals Throughout the World

Elon Musk’s satellite internet firm “Starlink” has reportedly witnessed a flood of up to 1M consumers throughout the world, as per a recent Twitter post of the billionaire entrepreneur. This news counts as a prominent landmark achieved on the behalf of the firm which has a vision of offering internet coverage across the globe via easy-to-install antennas.

Elon Musk’s Internet Project Starlink Possesses 1M Consumer Terminals

At present $599 is the price of the hardware required to be installed to utilize the service of Starlink while $110 is the cost of the monthly subscription for the service of Starlink in the majority of the locations. In August this year, it was declared by Royal Caribbean that the platform will depend on the internet service offered by Starlink. With this, it will let the passengers (by whom the cruise ships’ large fleets are utilized) access the internet.

The satellites of Starlink are launched to space each month in partnership with SpaceX (the parent firm thereof). Nearly 2,700 satellites operating under Starlink are at the moment moving in orbit, as per a website named BroadBandNow, to provide service to almost thirty-six countries. A few of the top benefits provided by the internet service of Starlink include no hidden charges, no requirement to sign a contract, as well as a comfortable installation of the device in line with the instructions that are mentioned within the package.

Starlink of Musk counts as a project pursuing to offer facilities to rural regions throughout the world. The cost of the per-month subscription is even now considered high to be afforded by the households present in the countries where the level of income is very low. However, the company has a strategy to minimize the charges gradually because it is continuously implementing additional satellites along with boosting the consumer base thereof.

Consumers Restricted by Their Governments Can Also Benefit from Starlink’s Internet

Those consumers, whose regional regulations restrict them from reaching particular solutions, may be assisted by Starlink. This is so as there is no requirement of any license (to be given by some regional authorities) for operating the satellite-powered infrastructure thereof. Starlink recently, offered coverage to consumers residing in Iran because they were experiencing some internet outages. This was because the authorities were blocking the citizens from sharing the material associated with an outbreak of protests across the country.