Spain Exceeds El Salvador to Emerge As the Third-Largest Crypto ATM Hotspot

Spain now has 215 cryptocurrency ATMs, knocking El Salvador, which has 212 cryptocurrency ATMs, and bottom to fourth place after overtaking the nation by three crypto ATM. After Canada and the United States, Spain now has the third most extensive system of BTC and crypto ATMs in all of Europe.

Spain Accounts for 0.6% of Crypto ATM Installations across the World

Spain presently has 215 cryptocurrency ATMs, knocking El Salvador, which has 212 cryptocurrency ATMs, and bottom to fourth place after outnumbering the nation by three cryptocurrency ATMs. According to CoinATMRadar statistics, Spain accounts for 0.6% of worldwide cryptocurrency ATM installations.

Furthermore, Spain is the most significant contributor of cryptocurrency ATMs in Europe, accounting for 14.65% of total deployments on the entire continent, preceded by Switzerland’s crypto 144 ATMs, Poland’s crypto 142 ATMs, and Romania’s crypto135 ATMs.

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Spain Intends to over Hundred ATMs by This Year

In Spain, the number of crypto ATMs is increasing. Spain deployed 43 cryptocurrency ATMs in 2022 only. It has previously stated its intention to construct a sum of over 100 ATMs by this year, bringing the total to around 300 cryptocurrency ATMs once finished with the help of MediaMarkt. MediaMarkt is a famous German electronics company. Along with Confinity and some others, they are spearheading the effort to deploy cryptocurrency ATMs in Germany, Spain, Austria, and Greece.

On the contrary, worldwide cryptocurrency ATM installations have been declining since September 2022 and are currently on a gradual recovery path. According to calculations based on information from the previous 60 days, approximately seven cryptocurrency ATMs are deployed globally daily.

Greece ranks sixth in the number of crypto ATMs, and because of the flood of travellers, Bitcoin ATM provider BCash offered data on the nation’s use statistics.

BCash co-founder and managing director Dimitrios Tsangalidis told Cointelegraph that although they placed cryptocurrency ATMs in tourist destinations, most usage originates from the central metropolitan region.

Meanwhile, the island of Crete enjoys devoted crypto following. Tsangalidis stated that he believes there is a large crypto population in Heraklion, Crete, where one of their ATMs is located. Furthermore, Tsangalidis claims combining crypto winters and tourism seasons has decreased regular traffic to cryptocurrency ATMs.

Top 8 Countries With Most Crypto ATMs

  1. US (2200+)
  2. Canada (2000+)
  3. Spain (215)
  4. El Salvador (212)
  5. Switzerland (144)
  6. Greece (142)
  7. Poland (140)
  8. Romania (135)