Shiba Inu Starts Early Beta Testing of Its Shibarium Network

Shiba Inu has recently started testing of Shibarium’s initial beta version. Shibarium is an L2 network based on Ethereum. The beta test of the project is named “PUPPYNET.” The platform disclosed this news in a blog post noting that the company requires a completely decentralized L2 network to operate the projects related to a worldwide and large decentralized community. While discussing the former scenario, the platform revealed that the Shibarium users have been utilizing outdated systems that are harmful.

Shiba Inu Begins Early Beta Testing of Shibarium Network

Keeping all of this, the company has turned toward this endeavour as an opportunity that would modify that. The firm thinks that it is taking this move as another step to establish freedom among consumers. The PUPPYNET will permit anyone to develop decentralized applications along with integrating into IRL businesses, as well as run projects.

It mentioned that the project is cost-effective and burns the SHIB tokens in the procedure. It is at present being adjusted. In addition to this, it added, the beta test will remain open for the coming few months. Shiba Inu pointed out that those who prefer to have a red carpet experience, as well as enormous support, can move forward to enter the project.

While for those who intend to become validators, the company noted that it will start documentation next week. The platform will determine who can establish a test node. Nonetheless, it asserted that the developers do not have such restrictions as they can start their operations right away.

Apart from bringing this to the front, the platform clarified that the token burning will rely on the transactions carried out on the network. For keeping a record, Shiba Inu will have a systematic chart covering the burnt SHIB tokens on its burn portal as a part of the beta testing. The platform mentioned that PUPPYNET’s tokens are not real. Thus, it advised the users not to spend their hard-earned holdings in SHIB tokens to purchase the respective tokens.

Shiba Inu Starts Early Beta Testing of Its Shibarium Network

Platform Recommends Users to Do Their Research

It moved on to say that consumers should do their research. It added that several projects and tokens are presently operating in the crypto market and many of them will not be able to survive. In this way, the company recommended that the consumers should ensure that they are dealing with Shiba Inu as many others deceive people. It claimed that “@shibariumtech” and “@shibariumnet” are its original Twitter accounts.