RACA and Router Protocol Collaborate to Explore Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace

RACA (USM.WORLD), a web3 platform established by the NFTs Dog community led by Maye Musk, has announced a collaboration with Router Protocol to explore the possibility of incorporating Router’s Crosstalk technology. This collaboration aims to make cross-chain NFTs a reality and build a cross-chain NFT marketplace.

Maye Musk’s NFT Trading Activity Exceeds $2 Billion in Nine Months

Maye Musk and derivative NFT, comprising animated characters and virtual domains, have seen trading activity of over 3.7 million BNB coins. It is equivalent to over $2 billion, in the past nine months. Router Protocol is a cross-chain networking standard that uses stablecoins as a means of exchange. Its purpose is to provide a bridge for assets across several Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks.

RACA has one of the largest web3 networks over 29 fandom areas. It is also supported by OKX Ventures and Consensys Mesh Tachyon, the parent organization of MetaMask. USM is the web3 hub for virtual offices and community areas for partners such as BNB Chain, Bybit, Bitget, Huobi, Kucoin, Dodo, MEXC, LBank, OKC, BSC News, and Miami NFT Week, among others. USM is also the host of Miami NFTs Week.

RACA’s Web3 Platform Expands with Support from OKX Ventures

The United States of Mars (USM) is a region that represents Mars in terms of both its ecology and its terrain. It is among the earliest planets in the cosmos, speculated to have been formed by the Galaxy-Forger, Looki, an astronomic entity credited with the birth of numerous constellations, stars and worlds, including the Mars and Moon.

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Inhabitants of USM.WORLD, known as RACAfellers, places high importance on the concepts of creativity, honour, and sustainability. The world of Musk-Dog NFT is a place where art, noble causes, craftsmanship, and invention walk together, generating forward thought.

The collaboration between RACA and Router Protocol is a significant step towards making cross-chain NFTs a reality. The integration of Crosstalk technology will provide a bridge for assets across several Layer 1 and Layer 2 networks. It makes it easier for information to move between chains and enables DeFi to comprise of multiple chains. As RACA’s web3 platform continues to expand and attract more partners. It is likely to play an increasingly important role in the NFT ecosystem.