OpenSea Introduces Self-Serve API Keys for Developers

OpenSea, the largest marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has announced the completion of its Self-Serve API keys rollout. It makes it easier for developers to control their API credentials.

Previously, getting an OpenSea API key was a complicated process. However, the new self-service interface makes it easy for users to manage their API keys. While legacy API keys will not be displayed on the portal, they will still work without any issues.

Opensea Offers Rate Cap Control

The user’s account determines the rate cap for newly created keys. Additional keys can be generated at any time, but generating more keys will not increase the key generation rate.

Developers who oversee multiple programs and wish to avoid using the same key will find this new feature to be a great solution. The Stream API and its associated V1 and V2 endpoints are now available to users with their API keys. However, the testnet endpoints can be accessed without an API key.

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To access the Self-Serve API keys feature, users must confirm their email address by clicking the verify-in profile button. Unfortunately, Proton Mail addresses are not currently supported. Once the email address has been verified, users can return to the developer area. They will then be sent back to their account’s developer settings, where they can create their API key.

OpenSea Allows Fee Increase Requests for Limited Users

For a limited number of users, a fee increase may be requested by completing a form requesting an increase in the maximum interest rate. Although API keys will not be shown in the Developer part of a user’s profile, they will continue to work as usual until further notice.

Users are advised to apply for a new API key if their current key is about to expire, replace the old key with the new one, and then delete the old key.

OpenSea’s Self-Serve API keys rollout is a significant step towards improving the user experience for developers. The ability to manage API keys more efficiently will help developers build and deploy applications on the OpenSea marketplace with greater ease.