NEAR Foundation to Help Small Businesses Achieve Engagement

NEAR Foundation, a blockchain-based platform focused on enabling developers to build decentralized applications, has recently announced a partnership with Popp. It assists small businesses in improving their level of consumer interaction through the use of Web3 technology. This new agreement is meant to provide assistance to small companies in improving their level of participation.

Popp and NEAR Partnership Brings NFT Rewards to Customer-Focused Microcommunities

As part of the partnership, Popp, a provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for small to medium consumer businesses, will be exclusively debuting its white-labeled products and services on NEAR. Popp assists consumer businesses in developing customer-focused, micro-community areas that are integrated within their respective online storefronts. The engagement of customers with brands is increased as a result of milestone-based rewards. The Near cooperation will make it possible for Popp’s clients to issue NFTs when particular benchmarks are reached.

By providing rewards in a variety of contexts, marketers are able to develop more substantial and meaningful relationships with their customers on Popp. Popp has produced over £57k in income in just 6 months with six pilot partners thanks to these customized initiatives.

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Every business has the ability to assign its clients a unique set of Popps. They are little tasks that ultimately result in value again for the brand. This may involve generating material, leaving reviews, or recommending friends and family members. Users who complete a variety of Popps are rewarded with items such as discounts and vouchers. However, companies may also put up Popps for charitable giving, sustainability, and a lot of other purposes.

NEAR Foundation Introduces Transferable Coins for Musician Incentives

The NEAR Foundation has the ability to make coins transferable for incentives from musicians that have partnered with it, thanks to the Partnerships function. Because of this functionality, businesses may even invite other brands to collaborate with them in order to earn these benefits. Each client has their own user profile, where they can see how many coins they have and look into the many places where they can exchange prizes.

In addition, this partnership between NEAR and Popp will enable small businesses to increase customer engagement. It will also improve their level of participation using Web3 technology. Moreover, it is a good idea to work together, and it could help make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to use blockchain-based solutions in the future.