Moongate Partners With Avalanche NFTs to Develop ‘Phygital’

In an event organized by Moongate, its NFTs allowed the attendees to earn or unlock the upgradable access and rewards. This Event was organized to introduce crypto users through the feature of real-life interaction.

Moongate boosts the loyalty of the customers by driving engagement and exclusive access and content. Now it will be the revolutionary platform for membership and ticketing to develop immersive, gamified, and engaging experiences. All of this is going to happen through the dynamic use of Avalanche’s NFTs’ utilization. Moreover, Moongate has partnered with Ava Labs (Avalanche) to develop a ‘Phygital’ environment. Phygital is the combination of Physics and the digital world and it would let users experience the new dimensions of the digital world with the physical world.

Moongate’s Efforts to Boost Further Engagement

At the event, NFTs of the Moongate entertained the attendees to earn upgradable access and rewards by experiencing real-life interactions. Moreover, it offers to create NFTs and weave them into other events based on no-code solutions for a better business strategy.

The good thing about this end-to-end platform is that it can be utilized by crypto users from newbies to experts.  Key features of this dynamic collaboration are support and tools for IRL integration, cash payments and social/email-based personal custodial wallets. This platform would open doors for engagement and the creation of possibilities which would go beyond Web2-based membership and ticketing platforms.

With the security, reliability and speed of Avalanche and the end-to-end solution of Moongate, a dynamic NFTs business would revolutionize the crypto industry. This integration would work on the launch of NFT campaigns to provide an efficient, richer membership and ticketing system.

About Moongate and Avalanche

Moongate is the advanced form of technology that offers the best and smart membership and ticketing solutions. Moreover, Moongate entertains many businesses and brands to make NFT or digital assets for the physical world.

On the other hand, Avalanche is an ultimate platform that offers smart contracts to scale regular and infinite transactions within seconds. Moreover, by a toolkit named HyperSDK, Avalanche enables Web3-based developers to launch custom and powerful blockchain solutions.