KuCoin Wallet Officially Launches Chrome Extension

The KuCoin Wallet is now projected as a Chrome Extension with significantly improved encryption technology and structures, guaranteeing the safety of user holdings across different dimensions and protecting the Web3 interaction. The KuCoin Wallet is a protected and user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet that appears to support multi-chain aggregation enabled by the KuCoin ecological system.

The Next Generation’s Most Protected Wallet Extension

Easy-to-use wallet extensions are now essential for all consumers as the cryptocurrency business expands and user demand diversifies. Despite this, historical security events demonstrate that funds are taken virtually annually from wallet extensions, affecting many users and causing losses of approximately 10 billion USD in 2022.

With significantly improved privacy technology and design, the KuCoin Wallet now officially introduced a Chrome Extension that ensures the protection of user funds across several dimensions and protects the Web3 interaction.

A Holistic Multi-Device Integrated First Wallet

Multi-chain wallets built on the Chrome Browser, the KuCoin Wallet Chrome Extension fully replicates multi-chain wallet capabilities on smartphones.

Previously, many customers had to manually integrate their wallets due to the separate maintenance of desktop and mobile wallets. KuCoin Wallet has successfully implemented multi-device collaboration activities without the necessity to import through confidential phrases after thoroughly analyzing customers’ pain points.

A New Approach to the Issue of Secret Phrase Storage

Most security problems with wallet extensions may be traced back to the browser’s independent storing of private keys, secret phrases, and other data. As a result, the KuCoin Wallet has entirely given up on the conventional method of keeping the secret phrase on the browser in favour of special storage on the mobile end. PCs are more vulnerable to viruses because of the distributed nature of the program ecosystems.

The KuCoin Wallet Chrome Extension doesn’t need to import a confidential phrase to lower the possibility of malware attacks. Users may examine their holdings in real-time by connecting to their Desktop wallet using WalletConnect with only a single scan.

Customers of KuCoin Wallet may connect directly to the Web3 system and access DApps from different chains on their phones. Additionally, the release of the Chrome Extension enables users to connect to DApps through their PCs rapidly rather than scanning QR codes one at a time. ┬áKuCoin Wallet consistently prioritizes user asset protection. As a result, the KuCoin Wallet Chrome Extension uses WalletConnect’s dual-encrypted method for connections made via QR scans.