Huawei Cloud Enhances Ethereum And TRON Support

China’s technology giant, HUAWEI CLOUD, is making substantial strides in the Web3 market by enhancing its offerings. The company recently unveiled updates to its Ethereum node engine and TRON node engine, further solidifying its position as a key player in the blockchain space. These updates were coupled with the release of improved Ethereum stake operation instructions on August 3rd, demonstrating HUAWEI CLOUD’s commitment to enhancing user experience and functionality within the blockchain ecosystem.

Privacy Commitment

Of note is the company’s unwavering emphasis on user privacy and security. HUAWEI CLOUD has consistently affirmed that it will not gather or collect blockchain addresses from its users. This commitment to data privacy is a significant reassurance for users within the blockchain community, where security and anonymity are paramount.

The Ethereum and TRON node engine updates represent HUAWEI CLOUD’s proactive response to the growing demands of the Web3 landscape. The Ethereum blockchain, known for its smart contract capabilities, and TRON, which aims to build a decentralized internet, are two of the most notable projects in the blockchain ecosystem. By updating and fine-tuning the node engines for these platforms, HUAWEI CLOUD is positioning itself to provide efficient and effective infrastructure to support the development and growth of Web3 applications.

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Seamless Staking

The release of improved Ethereum stake operation instructions is yet another indicator of HUAWEI CLOUD’s commitment to offering its users comprehensive and user-friendly tools. Staking has become a central feature of many blockchain networks, allowing users to participate in network security and earn rewards. With detailed and accessible instructions, HUAWEI CLOUD is ensuring that its users can make the most of this feature with ease.

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As the blockchain space continues to evolve, the role of cloud providers like HUAWEI CLOUD becomes increasingly crucial. Their ability to offer reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructure is pivotal in supporting the development and expansion of decentralized applications and services. HUAWEI CLOUD’s expansion into the Web3 market with the Ethereum and TRON node engine updates underscores its dedication to advancing the blockchain ecosystem while prioritizing user privacy and functionality.