Hackers Hack 70,000 USD from Elon Musk Clone

On one hand, the multi-billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX recently witnessed a failed rocket launch, and on the other, the hackers took away $70,000 from his look alike. The person imitating Elon Musk on Twitter disclosed this on Twitter and advised viewers to be cautious about malicious people doing such wicked activities.

Clone Elon Musk Loses $70,000 and Warns the Followers

On the 17th of April, the Elon Musk clone going by “mayilong0” on Twitter revealed that some bad actors remained effective in draining a significant amount of up to 70,000 from him. The imitator added that he was expecting the hacking party to communicate with him instantly regarding the matter. On the contrary, if the respective demand is not fulfilled, the person has declared to take some other actions in this respect.

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As per the duplicate Musk, he would go on a bounty hunt against the ones who are responsible for depriving him of $70,000. On the next day, the 18th of this month, the duplicate musk reiterated his previous statement and said that the hunt for the exploiter would shortly be commenced by him. On the same day, he stated that the respective funds were stolen from his Metamask-based account.

In addition to this, he also claimed that Metamask had a big vulnerability. On April 19, he shared on Twitter that other people should be aware of such unfortunate events. As per him, the viewers should secure the assets in their possession. In his words, some security-related loopholes are present in Metamask.

Elon Musk Sees a $13B Loss after an Unsuccessful Rocket Test

The duplicate Musk asserted that, because of such vulnerabilities, the consumers of the platform become victims to the bad people who drain away their funds. “mayilong” is also popular as Chinese Musk. Nevertheless, the real Elon Musk also witnessed a loss of up to $13B following a failed test launch of a rocket Starship that tumbled and exploded shortly after going up in the air.