Ethereum Foundation Launches Devconnect Scholars Program

The Ethereum Foundation has announced the launch of Devconnect Scholars Program. The groundbreaking initiative is aimed at providing financial support to talented individuals from geographically and demographically underrepresented communities in Ethereum, granting them the opportunity to attend the prestigious Devconnect event in Istanbul.

Introducing the Scholars Program

The program’s primary objective is to foster diversity and inclusivity within the Ethereum ecosystem, recognizing the crucial need for diverse perspectives to ensure a resilient and thriving protocol for human coordination. By empowering scholars from underrepresented backgrounds, Devconnect aims to shape Ethereum’s future by incorporating their unique viewpoints and experiences.

Selected Devconnect Scholars will receive comprehensive financial support that covers transportation, accommodation, per diem, and visa application expenses. Additionally, the program will facilitate both online and in-person meetings, allowing the scholars to connect with one another, learn from experts, and adequately prepare for an enriching experience in Istanbul.

Applicants with experience and/or knowledge in protocol development, web3 development, privacy, security, cryptoeconomics, UX, and governance are encouraged to apply. The program targets individuals from two main categories of underrepresented communities:

  1. Geographic Representation: Applicants hailing from countries that currently lack substantial representation in Ethereum, including those from Turkey and neighboring nations.
  2. Demographic Representation: Applicants who identify with minority genders, ethnicities, or other underrepresented demographic identities within the Ethereum community.


Applying for  Devconnect Scholars Program

Ethereum Foundation further stated that those who would be unable to attend Devconnect without financial assistance are eligible to apply. Applicants must be available to participate in Devconnect from November 13th to 19th, 2023, and possess proficient English communication skills. Additionally, scholars will be expected to commit approximately two hours per week from September to November 2023 for program-related activities.

Preference will be given to applicants who have not yet attended a large Ethereum conference with an attendance of 500 or more people, ensuring that those who have not had prior exposure to such events have an equal opportunity to participate actively.