Elon Musk seems to Drop out from Twitter Poll as Majority Votes Him out

The CEO of the social media giant Twitter, Elon Musk, seems to pull out from complying with the results shown by a Twitter poll that was tweeted by him yesterday. In the poll, the majority voted to oust the CEO of the social media company. The investors of Tesla considered that they might witness the start of the conclusion of the Twitter nightmare as Musk issued a poll yesterday, asking people whether he should stay the social media firm’s head.

Musk’s Poll Backfires as 57% Vote Him Out

The executive stated that he would comply with whatever the results of the respective poll would be. Consequently, at the end of the day, a majority of nearly fifty-seven percent (approximately seventeen million) people voted against him. The investors of Tesla have been making endeavors to modify something in some of the previous weeks. Initially, they complained that Elon Musk (Tesla CEO) was devoting most of his time to Twitter instead of Tesla.

Most recently, some proof has also been witnessed that the front that the reputation of Tesla has gotten a negative impact due to the relatively controversial moves made by Musk on Twitter as well as his utilization of the firm. In this case, Musk’s resignation from Twitter appeared to be a move in the correct direction. However, it is still ambiguous whether Musk has an actual strategy to comply with the poll’s results.

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Up till now, the Tesla CEO has not yet straightly remarked on the results. He did not even disclose his next move, but he is rather questioning his poll’s legality. The initial response by Musk was “interesting” to a remark by Kim Dotcom who suggested that the poll was rigged with bots by the “deep state.” After that, he made the same response to a theory saying that the number of likes given to the poll indicates that there is something wrong.

Elon Musk Declares Just Twitter Blue Subscribers Would Be Permitted to Vote

In the end, Musk additionally mentioned that significant polls will just count votes made by people who buy Twitter Blue. In this way, he did not directly remark on the strategy to comply with the results of the poll. Nonetheless, allowing voting rights just to those who willingly provide $8 per month would be some sort of rigging.