Court Permits Daniel Frishberg to Depose Mr. Blonstein of Celsius

As Celsius Network LLC. goes through its bankruptcy proceedings, significant development has taken place. Daniel Frishberg, an American businessman, submitted a lawsuit against the crypto lender for debt collection. The respective case was submitted under the Florida-based Hillsborough County Courts. In a new turn of events, the court accepted the request of Frishberg and issued a letter for Celsius Netork LLC. For deposition of Mr. Blonstein on a provisional basis.

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Daniel Frishberg Wins Court’s Approval for Deposition of a Celsius Executive

The court has ordered the debtors to cooperate for the deposition questioning of Mr. Blonstein (the person who served Celsius as its Chief Compliance Officer and Innovation Head) on the behalf of Daniel Frishberg for one hour. The questions would be related to the topics dealing with the declaration of Blonstein as well as the factual matters mentioned in the briefs covering the crypto ownership in Earn Accounts. Furthermore, the court has allowed Frishberg to carry out the respective deposition in a video meeting using Zoom app.

In addition to this, the court has specified the date of the deposition. As per the court, it would be conducted on the 2nd or 3rd of December. As specified in the court order, Celsius Network’s counsel as well as the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors would also be permitted to organize a further examination of Mr. Blonstein. For this, court has given 30 minutes and this is to take place after the 1-hour of questioning by Frishberg.

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Celsius’ Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors Appreciates Frishberg’s Decision

The 30-minute investigation would be limited to the topics covered on the behalf of Frishberg in the questioning. The court additionally declared that only the relevant parties would be allowed to take part in the questioning process during deposition and the others would be prohibited in this respect. Celsius’ Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors shared a Twitter post on its official channel in this regard.


It commented that despite their disagreement with Frishberg, they support his endeavor. The committee further noted that Frishberg’s effort to take part in the procedure of deposition is an appreciative move. It also asserted that this is the right decision taken on Frishberg’s behalf. Amid the rage of Celsius creditors, the future developments in the bankruptcy proceedings of Celsius remain to be seen.