BNB Chain Launches $TUSD as its Native Token

BNB Chain has recently announced the deployment of $TUSD as its new native token. This move has financially favoured both institutional and individual clients. By the act, both institutional and individual clients would be able to redeem and mint BNB Smart Chain (BSC) $TUSD. This will be processed by the official website of TrueUSD (TUSD) and this would further integrate into the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem.

$TUSD would be the first of its kind offering to be live 24/7 for on-chain attestation. This partnership would be affiliated with multiple institutions and banks. And through these instructions ad banks, users would be able to redeem and mint their TrueUSD tokens 24/7. With this integration, $TUSD became the first stablecoin backed by USD and leverages proof-of-reserve regarding its minting.  $TUSD is also deployed on TRON and Ethereum.

BNB Smart Chain (BSC)

BNB Chain is BNB powered decentralized, censorship-resistant blockchain and community-driven platform. It involves BSC and BNB Beacon Chain which facilitates a multi-chains-based ecosystem and is legally EVM compatible.

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If we compare this blockchain with other Blockchains on the basis of regular active users and transaction volume, BNB Chain would lead the race. Till today, BSC has successfully carried out transactions of more than three billion dollars employing 200 million different and unique addresses. And with such services, it is bringing users close to developers with extra low charges. It is important to note that, currently BSC holds more than 1,400 decentralized applications (dApps) of different categories i.e., NFT, blockchain games, Metaverse and DeFi.


$TUSD is best known for its distinguished feature that is to be live 24/7 for on-chain attestation. $TUSD has a history of following multi-chain trends to support various chains. And, now TUSD is going to be a handful of native token of BNC and would also be deployed on TRON and Ethereum.

This partnership enables the users to redeem and mint the tokens 24/7. Moreover, they would offer stability, security and transparency to carry out the leverage and proof-of-reserve regarding its minting.