BNB Chain Implements Exclusive New Features on BSC Testnet

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Testnet has recently implemented brand new features. It includes the Rapid Closure Mechanism, Part 1, and an integration API for the EIP-4337 bundler with an L2 validator/sequencer. These updates pave the way for improved Layer 2 scaling solutions and achieve block finality within two blocks.

Luban Upgrade Adds Fast Finality Capability to BSC Testnet

The Rapid Closure Mechanism, Part 1, is a Luban upgrade. It adds fast finality capability to the BSC Testnet. While it won’t be fully ignited until the Plato upgrade, it is described in a BEP that outlines how fast finality can be achieved to finalize blocks. This feature will allow for quicker transaction times and an overall smoother user experience.

Additionally, the integration API for the EIP-4337 bundler with an L2 validator/sequencer is a significant step towards improving Layer 2 scaling solutions. This integration allows for faster and more efficient transactions on the network. It makes BSC a more attractive option for users looking for a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform with high transaction speeds and low fees.

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To participate as a validator in the BSC Testnet, interested parties can visit the BSC forum for assistance with the process. The community is encouraged to provide feedback on the newly added features and work together to make BSC even better.

BSC Poised to Become Leading DeFi Platform with Recent Updates

At a block height of 29,295,050, the BSC Testnet is scheduled to undergo a hard fork upgrade known as Luban. This hard fork is an upgrade that is not backward compatible with the release that came before it and contains changes that break backward compatibility. Before April 27th, 2023, validators and full node operators on the Testnet must upgrade to software version v1.2.1 6 of their respective nodes. More than half of all validators need to perform a successful upgrade to continue producing blocks after the hard fork.

The recent updates made to the BSC Testnet are significant steps towards improving the platform’s functionality and user experience. Moreover, with these improvements, Binance Smart Chain is poised to become a leading player in the DeFi space with faster transaction times, low fees, and improved scalability.