Bitget and BitKeep Announce Collaboration on SUIBG Airdrop

Bitget and BitKeep, two well-known cryptocurrency platforms, have announced their collaboration on an airdrop of a derivatives token known as SUIBG (SUI Futures Token) to enhance token cost efficiencies. This move is expected to increase user involvement on L2, according to a tweet by Bitget Academy.

SUIBG Token to Serve as Credential for SUI Native Token on Sui Network Mainnet

The SUIBG token will act as a credential for the native token SUI once the Sui Network mainnet becomes operational soon. BitKeep users will have the opportunity to participate in red package airdrops, trading incentives, and other activities within their wallets. Similarly, users on the Bitget trading system can obtain SUIBG by taking part in the SUIBG Carnival event. However, the liquidity of relevant trading pools available on DEX is weak, and the depth of the market is minimal. So it is crucial to submit your application through the proper channels established by BitKeep and Bitget.

In addition to the SUIBG token, BitKeep has also launched an authorized Arbitrum token known as ARBK. Users who own ARBK can see how the Arbitrum ecosystem will grow ahead of time and complete tasks to qualify for a 100% exchange of the official Arbitrum coin in the coming years. At the moment, Bitget has set up the necessary channels for ARBK to withdraw and deposit funds.

Bitget and BitKeep Team up to Offer Cost-Effective Crypto Trading Solutions Top of Form

The Bitget and BitKeep collaboration aims to provide cost-effective solutions to cryptocurrency trading, while also encouraging user participation in their platforms. The move comes at a time when the cryptocurrency market is experiencing increased interest and adoption, with a growing number of investors looking to participate in the market.

BitKeep and Bitget are well-positioned to capitalize on this trend, with their strong reputation and track record in the industry. The collaboration is expected to attract a significant number of users, further strengthening their position in the cryptocurrency market.

The validity of the authorized Arbitrum token produced by BitKeep is known as ARBK. Users will be able to predict the advancement of the Arbitrum environment in advance if they hold ARB. They will complete the corresponding tasks to qualify for 100% interaction of the formal Arbitrum coin in the coming years. Users can meet the criteria for this return by wanting to hold ARBK and fulfilling the requirements associated with it. The necessary withdrawal and deposit channels for ARBK have been activated on Bitget at the moment.