Kraken And Williams Racing Partner To Showcase Bitcoin Whitepaper At F1

Kraken has announced its partnership with Williams Racing to become the team’s first-ever official crypto and web3 partner. As part of this partnership, Kraken is placing the opening excerpt of the nine-page Bitcoin whitepaper on the nose cone of the team’s cars that will be competing at the Australian Grand Prix.

Showcasing Kraken Ecosystem

The document, which outlines a “purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash,” will be featured on the car’s nose cone. Kraken aims to raise the profile of the crypto ecosystem in a sport that draws 1.6 billion viewers over a race schedule that takes it through 20 countries a year. The move is also a symbol of the exchange’s commitment to crypto’s mission.

Kraken Chief Marketing Officer Mayur Gupta stated, “Featuring the bitcoin whitepaper on the Williams car is an opportunity to showcase the original document that brought this entire movement to life through a sport that’s watched and loved by hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.” The move is seen as a major step towards promoting the acceptance of cryptocurrencies in mainstream society.


Bringing NFTs to the Fast Lane

Kraken is also planning to give selected Kraken NFT holders a chance to see their digital collectibles displayed on the rear wing of the Williams Racing car. This is a significant step for NFT collectors, who will see their prized digital assets showcased in a highly visible and prestigious event.

The announcement has been met with excitement in the crypto community, with many seeing it as a major milestone in the acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Kraken’s move is also expected to attract more mainstream attention to the crypto market, and its partnership with Williams Racing is seen as a significant step towards promoting the use of cryptocurrencies in the world of sports.

The Australian Grand Prix is set to take place on April 8-10, 2023, and the presence of the Bitcoin whitepaper on the Williams Racing car is expected to draw attention from viewers worldwide.