Bitcoin Core Developer Dhruvkaran Mehta Resigns

Bitcoin core developer Dhruvkaran Mehta has announced his resignation from Bitcoin Core and will not be receiving Bitcoin Core open source funding for the next year. Mehta joined Bitcoin Core in August 2020 and has been focused on improving Bitcoin’s P2P protocol through BIP324.

Mehta’s Resigns

In a tweet, Mehta cited a new startup idea that he is “so excited about” as the reason for his resignation. He mentioned that he feels in his body that he must give it a go and that to risk nothing is to risk everything. Mehta also added that as a parent of twin toddlers, he still has plenty of availability, but it is just unpredictable.

Mehta also mentioned that the previous phase of BIP324 needed more consistent effort, and the current phase is community-dependent, which makes it harder to manage his time. The refactor culture in Bitcoin Core is also on the uptick, and the community values these refactors, which get reviewed, ACKs, and merged. This culture is at odds with Mehta’s psychology, which led him to make the difficult decision to resign.


New Startup Idea

He expressed gratitude to his grantors, who have been incredibly generous, and who have given him the opportunity to do the most meaningful work of his life. He acknowledged that the grant model depends on the benevolence of a small number of good people, which led him to try and earn from a place of strength.

Mehta mentioned that BIP324 is going into better hands than his own, with Pieter Wuille taking over the PRs starting with his latest #27479. He expressed his gratitude to Wuille and others for showing him the ropes and for their support.

While Mehta’s resignation is a significant loss for the Bitcoin Core team, the community remains grateful for his contributions to Bitcoin and the entire crypto community.