Alchemy Pay Partners CNHC TO to Facilitate Exchange of CNH

Alchemy Pay, a leading cryptocurrency payment solutions provider, has partnered with CNHC TO, the largest CNH stablecoin ecosystem in the world. It will make the exchange of CNHC between fiat and cryptocurrency smoother. By joining the Alchemy Pay ecosystem, CNHC holders will be able to purchase and sell CNHC with a variety of fiat currencies across the globe using Alchemy Pay’s on and off-ramp solutions. Additionally, Alchemy Pay will list CNHC on its ramp to further facilitate the movement of CNHC between traditional financial sectors and the cryptocurrency world.

CNHC Plans to Develop Compliant Stablecoin System Pegged to CNH

CNHC is a stablecoin that has full reserves deposited in a custodial account in Singapore. It is tied to the CNH at a 1:1 ratio and can be created on both Ether and Conflux. It provides a safer and less expensive option for settling international commerce transactions. As of April 2023, the current on-chain circulating supply of CNHC is $15,000,000.

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CNHC plans to develop a completely compliant system by pegging the stablecoin to the CNH coin. It will leverage Hong Kong’s robust traditional financial environment.  In March 2023, KuCoin Ventures, Circle Ventures, and IDG Capital invested $10 million in CNHC. As a bridge between fiat and crypto in the CNHC ecosystem, Alchemy Pay will be one of the first payment shareholders announced by CNHC.

Alchemy Pay and CNHC TO Partnership a Step towards Modernizing Global Payments

Alchemy Pay has been pioneering the use of blockchain technology with traditional fin-tech experiences. It makes cryptocurrency accessible to regular people. Its payment gateway accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and Diners Club from 173 different countries, as well as Apple Pay, and Google Pay. It also accepts several other domestic transactions and smartphone wallets from emerging markets.

This partnership between Alchemy Pay and CNHC TO is a significant step towards the modernization of global payment systems. With the rising demand for stablecoins independent of the USD hegemony, this partnership is a bridge between fiat and crypto. It will create a safe and reliable option for companies and consumers worldwide.