AI Chatbot ‘Talk2Satoshi’ Channels Bitcoin Creator’s Insights

Pierre Corbin and Hugo Ferrer, renowned artificial intelligence enthusiasts and developers, have introduced an innovative AI chatbot named ‘Talk2Satoshi’. This remarkable bot aims to replicate the wisdom and perspectives of Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic creator of Bitcoin, by answering questions about cryptocurrencies and economics in Nakamoto’s unique style.

‘Talk2Satoshi’ Unveiled

Although Satoshi Nakamoto disappeared from the public eye over a decade ago, his voice is being revived through the new AI chatbot ‘Talk2Satoshi’, which was officially launched on May 31. The developers, Pierre Corbin and Hugo Ferrer, programmed the chatbot using OpenAI’s ChatGPT, an AI model trained on a curated dataset consisting of Nakamoto’s public emails, forum posts, and various resources. These resources include influential books such as Saifedean Ammous’ “The Bitcoin Standard,” Jeff Booth’s “The Price of Tomorrow,” and Corbin’s own film, “The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin.” The developers plan to incorporate additional sources in the future.

During tests, the chatbot predominantly expresses skepticism regarding the future of fiat currencies while displaying optimism for Bitcoin. However, the responses may sometimes appear contradictory based on the nature of the questions posed. It should be noted that the chatbot does not incorporate recent Bitcoin developments such as the Ordinals protocol or BRC-20 tokens, and it generally refrains from commenting on such subjects.


Preserving Nakamoto’s Insights

Corbin believes that the AI chatbot serves as a compelling demonstration of how artificial intelligence can be utilized in educational contexts. Despite certain limitations, Talk2Satoshi proficiently addresses fundamental questions about Bitcoin’s functionality, mining processes, and the concept of satoshis within the network.

The unveiling of Talk2Satoshi signifies an innovative approach to preserving the insights of Satoshi Nakamoto, who revolutionized the world of finance through the creation of Bitcoin. As AI continues to advance, projects like Talk2Satoshi showcase its potential to enhance education and understanding in the realm of cryptocurrencies and economics.